Mobile Grooming

We groom dogs aswell as cats


No more collections or drop offs. No scary cages. No dirty cars. No long waits.  All grooming done in the comfort of your driveway. We come to you.  

Flexible Scheduling

We strive to build our appointments around your schedule and the time most convenient for you.


We value the bond between a human and a pet. We strive to make grooming a good experience from puppy’s first groom to the old the guys tender groom.


Our groomers have years of experience in grooming and are able to groom any specific breed cuts. They are able to handle temperamental pets and even the “untouchables”!

Comprehensive Service

From bathing to ear cleaning, nail trimming to hair styling, we’ve got it all. See our grooming services for more details.


Our groomers are in direct communication with you to insure that we are meeting your styling expectations as well as have the opportunity to make recommendations based on your dogs breed and condition.

How we groom

Every pet is unique and every pet needs regular grooming – some more often than others. And every pet deserves to be cared for as an individual pet. We don’t just “wash pets”, we care for them. This is why we provide two distinct packages for grooming. The “Basic Maintenance” package which includes everything your pet might need on a regular month to month basis, from brushing and de-shedding to maintaining the feet, bum, face and nails. We do not charge an additional fee for any “simple maintenance”. And “The Works” for those that need a good shave or a full body cut – which includes everything including a cut and style.


All grooming includes the following

  • Pre-inspection and some TLC before each grooming
  • Thorough brush and combing of coat to remove loose hair and tangles
  • Warm shampoo wash with professional shampoo
  • Condition with professional conditioners – based on skin type
  • Warm water rinse
  • ** Dip on request – at additional cost
  • Towel dry to remove excess water
  • Full blow dry
  • Clean and sanitize ears
  • Finishing touches
  • Bandanas or hair accessories

*Specific breed cuts, full body scissor trims may include additional cost.

“Basic Maintenance”

  • All of the above (All grooming includes)
  • Thorough brush out of coat
  • Nail clipping (if needed)
  • Sanitary Shave (if needed)
  • Basic trimming of legs and pads (if needed)
  • Basic trimming for the face (if needed)

“The Works”

  • All of the above
  • Nail clipping (if needed)
  • Full body shaves/cuts

Choosing the right package

When should I choose “The Works” over “Basic Maintenance” for my dog?
  • Your dog needs a haircut from head to tail.
  • It’s been over 6 weeks since your their last groom
  • You want a specific hairstyle
When should I choose “Basic Maintenance” for my dog?
  • Your dog is in need of a good bath
  • Your dog has had “the works” within the last 3 weeks.
  • The following areas need to be trimmed (ears, face, nails, paw pads and sanitary areas).
How can I classify my dog’s size for grooming?


  • Please see the following link to find your exact breed classification 
  • If you are still unsure, there is a handy WhatsApp button on the bottom right of this site!

*Every groomer classifies breeds slightly differently so please check on our own individual classification for your particular breed.

See our FAQ for other questions you may have about grooming

Benefits of Regular Grooming:

“We recommend grooming your companion every 4 to 6 weeks, or on a more frequent basis if your dog is your indoor companion.”

• Reduced hair and shedding left around the house by your pet.
• Helps prevent potential medical problems such as hot spots, skin irritations, and ear infections
• Saves you time in your busy schedule
• Regular trimming of nails prevents injury and helps correct posture for indoor dogs.
• Prevents serious matting
• Regular grooming can help your pet become accustomed to the grooming experience and learn to actually enjoy it.

  • An electrical plug connection for the dryers and clippers.
  • A garden tap for fresh water. The water feeds through the geyser heating it.
  • One towel per dog. This will prevent skin conditions being passed around from home to home. However if you do not have one we keep clean, sanitized towels on board.
All appointments are confirmed at least 24 hours in advance. Should you for some unexpected reason need to move your appointment please give us at least 24 hours notice.

Failure to give adequate (at least 24 hours) notice of cancellation requires us to charge a cancellation fee, if we are unable to fill the slot.

Cash, Card machine, Zapper (cell phone app), EFT or via our Online Shop. Payments to be done prior or on the groom day unless otherwise arranged with management. Payment through card must be pre-arranged with management.  Not all units have a card machine.

Additional Services


This can only be done if the dog can be de-matted safely, without experiencing pain. This can take time and be very uncomfortable or even painful for your pet. If the matting is excessive we will contact you to suggest alternatives.

Tick & Flea Control

Various options available. Contact us or liaise with Team Manager


A special tool is used to remove 90% of excess hair. This is commonly used for breeds with double coats. This process should be done every 4-6 weeks.


Our Mobile Parlours

Mobile Grooming Parlours

Our mobile units are fully equipped with everything required to make your companions grooming pleasurable in the comfort of their own surroundings. All our units are equipped with baths, large enough to cater for the giant breeds; Hot water geysers; electric clippers; blow dryers and grooming tables.

Your companions are comfortably secured to ensure their safety during the grooming process. The work surfaces are sanitized and cleaned after every appointment. Your companions are bathed safely inside the unit – not outside.