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96 Allan Rd, Glen Austin AH, Midrand, 1685 (By Appointment Only)

+27 61 365 8031


Mon-Friday: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday: 7:30am – 3:30pm
Sunday/Public Holidays: by appointment

Vacation/Day care:
Mon-Friday: 6:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday: 7:30am – 3:30pm
Sunday/Public Holidays: by appointment

Office: 8:00am – 4:00pm


By Appointment Only, Please use the Booking Page


Do I need to make a booking for grooming?

Yes, bookings need to be done at least 2 days prior – the earlier the better and more likely we will be able to accommodate your specific dates. We groom a certain number of dogs a day and need to pre-plan our routes. The best way to contact us is through whatsapp, telephonically or through this website. However, if you require an emergency booking give us a call and we will check whether we are able to assist you with an appointment.

What information do you need from me when making a booking?

We need the following personal information: Name, Surname, Address, Email address, contact number and alternative number (in case we can’t reach you). We will need the following information on your pet(s): breed, name(s), grooming or service required and any other information on your pets (temperament, or fears etc..). The more we know about your pet the better we are able to take care of them.

Do you use warm water?

Yes we do. We have a gas geyser on our unit which enables us to bath with warm water which we can adjust to fit your pets’ preference.

Do we cut nails?

Yes we do. It is done in our Basic Maintain & “The Works” package.. Please note that if your dogs nails are very long we will only be able to take off a short amount. Cutting them to short, even when long, will cause them to bleed. Similarly, if your dogs nails are short we will not cut them shorter.

Can I stay with my dog during the grooming?

Preferably not, however we do not. Dogs are calmer and better behaved for grooming when the owner is not present. When the owner is present the dog is so focused on the owner that it disrupts the grooming process. It simply is harder on the dog and the groomer. We need the dogs’ full attention. We are using very sharp equipment around your pet’s eyes and other “private parts” of the body. With the owner present the dog will not remain still enough for us to groom him safely.

How long does the grooming take?

It depends on the pooches coat but you can expect a visit of about 40mins-60mins on average for short coats, and up to 90mins for longer coats or summer cuts. We have more than one groomer in the pamper mobile so can do more than one pooch at a time. Please be courteous and advise of matted coats so that we can work the time into the appointment time.

How often should my pet get groomed?

Every pet needs regular grooming – some more often than others. And every owner is unique too. We want to teach your pet to love grooming! And dogs learn best through repetition, patterns, and structure. Our general recommendation is grooming every 4-6 weeks. Certain breeds must be groomed more regularly or their coats can easily become matted if not maintained properly. However, depending on you and your pet that might need to change. You can chat to us more to find your perfect grooming cycle.

My dog has a double coat (thick coat), can I or should I shave them?

We highly recommend not shaving breeds with a “double coat”, as their fur protects them from the sun and controls their temperature. Sometimes shaving them because of the South African heat can actually make it worse for them, as it messes with their temperature regulation and exposes sensitive skin to the sun – resulting in serious skin conditions. If for medical reasons, or they have already been accustomed to shaves, then we will do so. There are certain breeds that we will not shave, for the sake of protecting your pets! Contact us if you wish to enquire more about this.

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