Doggy Hotel








Why Choose UsMain features


Our cottages are safe, clean and are insulated for warmth in winter yet are cool in summer.


Each cottage spans around 25m2 (square meters), giving ample space for your dog to be a dog.


We absolutely love spending time with your companions and seeing each of their individual personalities.

Like Home

Their home away from home



From R150 per Day

    • Two meals per day
    • Regular Exercising
    • Plenty of TLC

*Special Prices for Families
*Free Basic Pamper for stays longer than 8 days.
Get In Touch

  • Vaccination:
    A copy of their vaccination card is required.
    They need to be fully vaccinated (Boosters, Rabies and Kennel Cough).
  • Own Treatments:
    We require tick-and-flea treatment as well as de-worming to be administered onsite; so bring your own treatments, else you can purchase these from us.
  • Bring Along:
    Bring along their collar and leash.
    We recommend also bringing along their favourite toys, blankets (maybe even an old shirt).
A booking form will be emailed on request. Which needs to be completed in full, and signed and emailed back to us. An invoice will be subsequently provided which needs to be settled in full prior to your companions stay.

During peak seasons, a 50% deposit must be paid in order to secure your booking in advance, and the remainder must be settled in full prior to your companions stay.

During peak seasons, a 30-day notice needs to be provided where the deposit will be returned.

Additional ServicesMain features

Collections and Drop-offs

Don’t stress about the car ride, we can come collect your companion

Grooming Services

We can groom your companion before, after and during their stay with us.

Tick, Flea and De-worming Treatments

One of our requirements is that your companion is safe for himself and his neighbours.