Mobile Grooming Units

Revolutionize your parlour business and get some wheels…

Our aim is to get your business mobile and assist you in establishing your brand.
The Mobile Grooming Units will work perfectly for the established groomer and for the entrepreneur starting up a grooming business. Our Units will maximize your comfort and the image you want to project to your market.

  • Build your Own Identity
  • No Franchise Fees
  • NO Rental Costs
  • Minimal Running Costs
  • Support to get you started







About Equip 4 Grooming

We at Little Companions are partnered with E4G (Equip 4 Grooming), who manufacture highly customised trailers and canopies, which includes our own grooming trailers, and vans. We have refined our units to suite the needs in the grooming industry to be able to provide groomers with the most practical layout. These mobile trailers and vans are modernised and would make your business much more productive.


Specifications Main features

Standard Specs

Light Aluminium Unit and Steel Chassis for Trailers. Unit lid expands upwards and is surrounded by framed plastic windows. It is equipped with a 110 litre aluminium washing tub. A Geyser to heat water. Sizable grooming table with drawers and cupboards. Ample storage space. Sufficient electrical plugs installed. Front cone for additional storage space. Standard 13” tyres & spare tyre.” tyres & spare tyre

PackagesMobile Grooming Parlour Packages

Most Popular >>> Business In-a-Box!

If you are new to the parlour industry the BIB contains everything you need. All you need to do is create your image and go get those customers.

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Business In-a-Box - Full Package

  • Trailer as per Specs – Branding/Signage Included (Own Design)
  • Aluminium Washing Tub
  • Grooming Table
  • 110L Water Tank
  • Water Heater
  • Required Grooming Equipment supplied *
  • Required Consumables supplied *
  • 500 x Business Cards & 5000 x Pamphlets (provide artwork)
  • Support to get you started
* List of grooming equipment and consumables supplied available on request.